Brewery Wilderen in early days


The Wilderen brewery has an early history dating as far back as 1642.

Wilderen was an economic production unit that was self-sufficient, meeting its own needs. With the timber from the trees, the barn was constructed, the clay was used for the walls of the farmhouse, sheep and cattle provided milk, wool and leather. Agriculture and animal husbandry fulfilled the food requirements.

The large scale production such as that of Wilderen had their own wort boilers from where the draff was then transported to the oxen stables which is where the brewery is located today. It is true that the people spent long hours of strenuous work on the production, but they also knew how to celebrate exuberantly!!! This occurred particularly during the local fairs, and went on for many days.

The following village tale is recalled: Among the guests was the hunchback who before falling into a befuddled sleep had the habit of singing boisterously: "A very small jug for a very small mug”. Filled to the brim, it’ll soon be in him!" Since the beer was brewed in-house, it was not difficult to satisfy this thirsty fellow!

In those days, the brewery was located where much later the bakery, the dairy and the laundry were built. Under the current house, you can still see the bricked-up cellar windows of the brewery.