The brewing hall


State-of-the-art and fully automated brewing hall made in Italy. Brewing takes place in a fully closed system, as does the milling and transport of the malt to the wort boiler and the expulsion of the draff after the brewing.

A brewage takes around’ 7 hours (1 hour 45 minutes mashing, 3 hours filtering, 1 hour 30 minutes boiling and 45 minutes cooling). After the brewage has cooled and the homemade yeast has been added, the yeasting begins. This yeasting lasts between 4 à 5 days at a temperature of 20 à 25° C, after which the beer is stored for several weeks at 0° C.

The installation and the material are 100% stainless steel and comply with the strictest food and quality standards.

The capacity per brewage is 25 hectolitres (2500 litres) and the total storage capacity in the 5 yeast tanks and lager tanks is 250 hectolitres. With a sufficient number of yeast tanks and lager tanks, the brewing hall can produce up to 15000 hectolitres per year.

Furthermore, the brewery has its own filtration line (kiezelguhr and plate filters) and the beer is locally transferred to casks.