Wilderen Wild Weasel Whisky


Wild Weasel Whisky

'The world’s spin is powered by love. Whisky allows it turn twice as fast.'
Compton Mackenzie

Whisky or whiskey is a spirit distilled from yeasted grain mash that matures in wooden casks. A mash is made from the grain. This is then left to yeast. The yeast converts the sugars found in the mash into alcohol. This results in a liquid with an alcohol percentage of approximately 7.5%. This liquid is then distilled with the surplus substances being removed and a rise in the alcohol percentage. After that, it is diluted until the alcohol percentage amounts to 65%. It is then transferred to oak casks to mature.

After a period of time (depending on the applicable legislation) this may be called “whisky” and be bottled. In contrast to wine, the maturation process ceases and the drink can be kept for a long time without any alteration to the taste. The age of a whisky relates therefore to the number of years it has matured. In the cellars of Brewery Wilderen, a Single-Malt Whisky is currently maturing in old oak Jack Daniels casks and Buffalo Distillery casks that we had transported from Tennessee and Kentucky (USA).