The distillery in the old days


"... The copper kettle wall is heated gradually..."

The tradition lives on in the historic Wilderen distillery. You will be intrigued by the glorious history.
We closed our doors in 1939 but reopened them in 2011 to welcome all our visitors.

The distillery dating from 1890 fell within the excise zone that covered the so-called ‘agricultural distilleries’. Alcohol of 95 percent was distilled. This was sold to gin distilleries throughout Belgium.
In 1913, the distillery was extended with a huge rectification column so that a fine mash could be distilled.
In particular, the steam kettle catches the attention of visitors. This 40 hp steam engine is the sole example in Limburg of a steam engine with horizontal pistons. The steam generated was used for, among other things, heating the brewage. The steam engine was also used for generating electricity. It was even the intention to supply electricity to the village. Also the entire farm was provided with electricity but because the steam engine was not operating in the evening when people needed current, the electricity had to be stored in batteries.

The chimney is also a landmark in Wilderen. The technical installation is virtually fully conserved and forms a unique piece of European industrial heritage.

The raw material of the distillery was malted grain, mainly barley. The production unit consisted of a distillery, brewery & and malting.