Wilderen Hop cheese


Hop cheeseTwo species of hops and the secret herbal mix of the Kanunnik Triple form the ingrediëents of our Wilderen Hop cheese. Perfect with a slice of Distillery bread and a Kanunnik Triple or a Wilderen Goud. The hop and the herbal pallet are mixed in-house in the Wilderen brewery.

The Vanzier Cheese Factory in Koersel, in turn, processes the herbal mix into the production process of the cheese. The dairy products of the Vanzier Cheese Factory are made without preservatives, colorants or any other additives. The cottage cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and rice pudding are pasteurised. This is for the purpose of conservation and food safety. However the milk, whether full cream, low fat or buttermilk, is purchased raw.

Wilderen Hop cheese is only obtainable at the brewery.